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June 28, 2004



I canNOT for the life of me find the book, "My Pet Goat" to purchase online, I can't find anything about it online... It's strange to me.
I've looked on Amazon and I've googled My Pet Goat and thus found your site among others... Any ideas? Anyone else find the actual book anywhere?


Ah yes, he is definately a leader in control of the situation. I think I would rather take a road trip with a blind man at the wheel, than to have another four years with this idiot. I would probably be safer.


A careful review of the video indicates that the story is called "The Pet Goat." Also, "The Pet Goat" is not a self-contained storybook.
It's a story in a reading textbook.

Before the students start reading the story, the teacher states, "Open your book up to Lesson 60 on page 153."

Clearly, "The Pet Goat" is Lesson 60 on page 153 of a school reading textbook.

So what's the textbook?

In all likelihood, it's "Reading Mastery," which is part of the
"Direct Instruction" series published by SRA/McGraw Hill.

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