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May 27, 2004



Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does. Thanks, BoB.

And fuck you, George.


I'm trying to steer some Daily Kos traffic your way.


Perfect. Just perfect.

I was/am a Deaniac, and have been half-hearted in my support for Kerry, but at this point, the performance bar has been set so low that a stale Frito® could do a better job than Bush, so I'm actually OK with Kerry now. It's not like he has to *accomplish* anything--all he has to do is not flush the last dregs of our honor down the toilet and we'll be miles ahead.

On the other hand, I do not envy the Herculean task that he'll have in cleaning up the biggest diplomatic, environmental, economic and civil rights disaster in U.S. history.


If life were a comedy of errors, the Bush administration would be high art. Unfortunately, we have to live in a world that now hates us more and is unsafer for us and our families. Fuck George and every neocon in this country.


Christ, Roger, now you're going to have a file with Total Information Awareness now too.

I'll see you in the internment camps. You know, if Bush gets elected.

You'll recognize me right away. I'll be the unhappy camper.

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