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May 27, 2004



Thanks for saying in print what I have been thinking for years. I go to many foreign sorces for news, as well as "The liberal press". I do like Nation magizine, though it tends to get preachy trying to convince the choir. My major concern is that the press has been Bland to very conservative-the opposite of liberal. Very little of real information or debate can be observed.

David (TEFL Smiler)

The accusation of being unpatriotic or 'a bad person' by taking an opposing view to the administration, eh? And no large news-reporting organism pointing out what's happening? (TV and radio news, at least.) That's not a good sign. If Bush & Co can continue with that line, with the electorate accepting it with no reservations, then it will be a hard one for Kerry to dislodge. How can it be that all of the major broadcast news sources in America are so right-wing? Oh, is it because they're funded entirely through advertising by companies that Bush has favourable policies towards?

I feel for your situation! It's effing terrible. You have a choice between two right-wing parties (well, to an extent, who doesn't, nowadays?!), and the only way you can get a president from the right-wing 'lite' side into power is through the charisma of a man like Clinton, and that was surely in part also due to a cyclical desire by the electorate for change after so many years of fatigue with a Republican administration?


Oh, no, Clinton was a master politician. If he could have run in 2000, he would have whipped li'l Georgie Bush.

If he ran today, he'd do the same.

Beyond that, frankly, I think Clinton was so centrist because: a) the left stupidly wouldn't stick up for him when he went to bat for things like universal health care and gays in the military; and b) he was president with the most hostile Congress any president ever faced.

Frankly, it was a fucking miracle he got any of his agenda through at all. Though, to call it a miracle is to take away from what a tough mofo Clinton really was.

I mean, the sumbitch was fighting a damn war while he was being impeached!

And not for oil, either.

Let's see Chimpy do that. Christ, Chimpy can't even read My Pet Goat and react to The Worst Terrorist Attack In The History Of The World.

I think history is going to treat Clinton much, much better than our idiotic, blathering press treated him.

We may even, like most of the countries in the world, one day, get a Bill Clinton boulevard in this country.

Or, at least, a Big Dog Highway.

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