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May 22, 2004



What do Russert and NBC have to do with the leak? Wasn't Wilson on Meet the Press when he pissed off the White House, causing a guy named Scooter, to out his wife to a guy named Novak? I don't know who Novak works for but, not NBC.
I get your point Ricky, it's an excellant point. You should be on Channel One every day. The kids need to hear what you are saying.
But I just don't get what NBC is stomping its' feet about.


I don't know, either. But it sounds to me like Tim Russert was one of the journalists contacted by the White House in the outing of Plame.

And, again, since Russert is not just an average journalist, but the NBC Washington Bureau Chief, his claiming "source" privilege makes, quite frankly, all of NBC complicit in a felony crime.


I got your back, Ricky. But, on this one we're gonna have to disagree. There's a reason why the press doesn't have to reveal sources, as you note. And, while you make a compelling argument that the principle shouldn't apply in this case, I think you'll find lots of media organizations fighting it to prevent THE precident ... which that asshole Ashcroft and other assholes like Ashcroft will take full advantage of the minute they are given the chance.

Hope that makes sense.


Maybe, Rox. And it does certainly make sense.

Though, no privilege--executive, attorney/client, doctor/patient--is absolute. Privilege generally ends where the preservation of that privilege no longer further or benefits the original purpose of that privilege.

For instance, you can't go see your tax attorney and just start chatting about how you killed your wife a few years ago. That's not privileged--unless you killed her for tax purposes.

To me, this is one of those cases where privilege doesn't apply.

I might be wrong. And there certainly is a lot to be said for wanting a blanket privilege and a bright line for any source.

But I don't think that stops the Ashcrofts from going after sources anyway. And more than one journalist has sat in jail on contempt charges even with a big, bright line.

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