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May 22, 2004



Did it ever occur to you that the effete coozes in the liberal press weren't about to saddle up for an 18 mile bike ride in the Central Texas sun?

You might also want to consider that there is a 24 hour news cycle now. When Kennedy was getting shot up with smack to dull his pain from Addison's Disease we didn't know about it. When he was banging mob boss Giancana's mistress--we didn't see it.

The media in the good old days never showed that FDR was wheelchair bound. They allowed Kennedy to ptoject himself as a healthy, active President.

The difference with Bush is the media is completely hostile to him. They don't cover up for him like they do for Democrats. And he is active. He isn't a fatboy like Clinton. Clinton's lifestyle was basically the typical sedentary life that most Americans have. He jogged to McDonalds. Hello??

I'm still wondering why we haven't seen the footage of Kerry tumbling down the mountain in Idaho. P.S. Your boy Kerry bit it on his bike in Boston about two weeks ago. Kerry has had more spills since he clinched the nomination than Bush has had in three years.

I really want to see that footage of Kerry tumbling down the mountain in Idaho while his Secret Service agents laughed at him.

That should tell you something-- anybody who knows Kerry thinks he's an ass.


Well, gosh, I don't know if cortisone really qualifies as "smack".

Beyond that, you seem to be...well, nutty.

I don't really get the connection between FDR's childhood affliction with polio or Kennedy's affliction with Addison's disease and what seems to be a rather advanced stage of alcoholism with the sitting president.

I also don't get the connection between Kerry falling down skiing or riding his bike and, again, the obvious current alcoholism of the president.

Look at his nose, for God's sake. No one, who gave up drinking 20 years ago, has a nose like that. That's the nose of a serious, end stage alcoholic.

But you're right. The media really covered for Clinton...sorry, I was re-attaching the ass I just laughed off.

The media hasn't even come close to addressing how incompetent Bush is. They were sucking his kneecaps for three years, and they've only lately begun to very gently discuss what an utter disaster his presidency is.

And if you haven't noticed that, or your president's nose, well, I recommend you stop watching FOX News and reading the Drudge Report, you silly person.


A possible explanation for the bike tumble?




Check this out... weather reports show it hasn't rained near Crawford in 7 days, and they've had vitually no rain all spring. They are in drought like circumstances.

Kind of makes you wonder about that comment from his spokesman Duffey:
"It's been raining a lot and the topsoil is loose," the spokesman said."


If he couldn't get any of the effete coozes(?) of the liberal press (haha) to go on the bike ride I guess he could have ask O'Reilly, or Hannity. Coulter could have flown along on her broom. Or hey, Rush. Dr. Feelgood was there, I'm sure Rush would have tagged along on the chance he could snag some freebies.

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