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May 29, 2004



Nixon's biggest crime (at least the one for which he was impeached, anyway) was bugging the hotel room of his rival's campaign team. The Bush Administration bugged Kofi Annan's suite at the U.N., and it hardly registered on the radar of the liberal media, since it was a relatively minor atrocity for the Bushes.


I was young and stupid in high school when I supported Nixon, who aside from the whole lying, drunk and crazy thing, wasn't that bad of a president. That was back when there was such a thing as a "moderate Republican." Remember? Then came Reagan, who turned my family and me into Democrats, followed by Bush, a "moderate" turned conservative, and I thought those 12 years would NEVER end. But you know, I'd take any one of those Presidents over again, or all three, just to erase Bush 43! WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

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