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May 27, 2004



I feel like we are in a huge vacuum that is manned by Mr. Bush. Everything is sucking hard!! We are on a tight budget and with prices for everything, from milk to gas, going up, we are poorer than ever before. And with this latest budget, it continues to get worse. I really hope this country wisens up. In four years he has managed to turn our country to complete crap, what in the world will he do with another four years. Yikes! I shudder to think about it.

Bob Whitson

I shudder to think about it also; because there will be no constraint. He will have nothing holding him back--it will be a very grave day if we elect Bush for the first time and for his last time.


What's your opinion? Nixon worse, or Bush II?


Oh, gosh--Bush by a long shot. Just listen to what all the Nixon people--John Dean, Scowcroft, Kevin Phillips, Kissinger--are saying: they're all appalled by Bush and amazed he hasn't been impeached.

Though, they shouldn't be. Aside from Bush dealing with a completely corporately controlled, conservative and disfunctional media for three years, and aside for Republicans controlling all three branches of our government and completely thwarting the checks and balances, this country has taken such a turn to the right that Nixon would look like a Democrat today.

A crooked one, but a little bit left of Joe Biden or Joe Lieberman.

Twenty five years ago, the Bush administration wouldn't have looked just imcompetent. It would have looked like the kooky extreme fringe that it really is.

I mean, can you even imagine Nixon telling a foreign leader that he bombed Hanoi because God told him to???

And hardly anyone blinked when Bush said God told him to not only strike the Taliban, but to strike Saddam, as well.

That's how fucking nuts not only Bush is, but how nutty we've become.

Bush is much worse.

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