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February 13, 2004



I love your page!!! This entry was great. It cracked me up.


Nicole, we, as a page, love to hear from you, and want you to come back, again and again. But we're concerned about your bikini waxing, and that you might give up without knowing whether it was worth the pain or not.

Again, I suggest a poll--it's very American!

In the interest of science, and democracy, you should post a few bikini wax pictures and a few shaving pictures, and let the electorate decide.

I have no vested interest in such pictures, of couse, I'm just interested, like Al Gore, in seeing the people decide.


Excellent, comprehensive and free of razor stubble. Smoooooooth.


The lie is more obvious than you are making it. Bush left Texas in May, but did not have orders for Alabama until September. According to his biography, he left Alabama in November. His pay records only claim a couple of periods, one in Oct., one in Nov.

But Calhoun says he saw him 8-10 times (WPost) or "at least 6 times" (AP). Now CNN quotes him at 4-6.

The fact that this sort of dishonesty is so avidly accepted shows how deep the trouble this nation is in. The GOP is evidently in favor of lying, whether professionally or recreationally, and the press is eager to please them. Calhoun's apparent lie is not too difficult to unravel, if anyone has eyes to see and ears to hear.

Molly, NYC

Calhoun's version--that Bush hung around his office reading flying magazines-- (a) lacks any hard-to-remember details that would complicate Bush's attempts to corroborate it and (b) depict Bush--not known to willingly read anything, ever--reading.

What's the opposite of "the ring of truth"?


The opposite of "ring of truth" is "according to senior administration officials..."


Haha. Good stuff.

(: Tom :)

Part of the adoring soon-to-be throng to come visit courtesy of Atrios' guest host Valentine's weekend. A nicely skewered argument which highlights the discontent of many with the Chimperor's Rowellian, oops if you can believe it that was a Freudian slip, er, I mean Orwellian, attitude towards governance (and business, and, well, life really, but once again I digress...).

I hope we can manage to throw out both him, and the whole machinery of official deception that has grown since Ray-Gun the First Anointed One. Glad to see others whose words flow so well when exposing the hypocrisy of Repugnicant logic (cough). Thanks for the good read!

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