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January 05, 2009



I'm glad to hear they have Internet up there. Can you get the Times, though? 'Cuz you would have enjoyed Frank Rich's op-ed the other day, especially this: "He is smaller than life."


We do have internet up here in Heaven and it's lightning fast with no pop-up ads. It's pretty much awesome.

The other thing we have is college football year round. Penn State fans will be happy to know that, up here, the Nittany Lions just went 53-0 for the 120th season.

Rip Engle is coach. God likes him a lot. Rip knew when to retire.

Mendacious D

Well, sorry to rouse you from your slumber.

But there is hope! Obama's plan to institute a nationwide playoff system will give the Nittany Lions the success they so richly deserve.

Another shameless heathen

...but you'll never get to see georgie stumble out of office!

Come back from your hallucinations. There are medications out there to help.


I don't need any medication, Ellen. I'm curing myself, just like the Preznit did with his alcoholism. And I'm doing it the same way he did it:

With alcohol.

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