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November 04, 2008



What a Beautiful Day. Not even the driver that came in this morning and said "I might have to quit my job because I'll have to share my check with every deadbeat in the country." can spoil this day. I'm just going to laugh.


i enjoyed falling asleep to the honks and woos outside my window last night. haven't had that kind of bedtime soundtrack since....well, it's been a good couple of weeks here in Philadelphia.



That's so awesome that drivers in Oklahoma make over $250,000 a year! And I sympathize with them not wanting to send their hard earned tax dollars to Alaska, where their stupid Governor will just give hand out money to deadbeats.

And amutepiggy--if that is your real name--when i used to live in Philadelphia, I used to fall asleep to the sound of crack war gun shots.

But these are better days, aren't they?


It's been a long time, ricky, but I wanted to celebrate with you.

For the first time since I got the right to vote, the good guys won. Big.

It was such an historic week. Also, after 2 years of bad news, Dad was just told he's finally cancer free. I've never had this many good cries in such a short time. It's been overwhelming.

Election night was Wednesday afternoon here in Japan. That evening I shined up my Obama-Biden bumper sticker, donned my Obama t-shirt and took my son out to dinner to celebrate (the Marines stole my husband again).

The Okinawans seemed oblivious. White people rolled their eyes at my shirt. Black people went out of their way to come up to me, congratulated us and our country, shared the moment.

I was born in 1982, in a culture that was post-racist, but not post-racial.

My son was born this millennium and has grown up in San Diego, a military brat. He describes people's hair color before mentioning their skin color.

I think it's beautiful that I have been spending the past week having to teach him just WHY it's so historic. MLK is his hero, but for him the civil rights movement is as ancient as slavery itself.

I just wish I could have been back home, dancing in the streets.


Anna, it's awesome to hear from you again. It takes me back to those wild and scary days of 2004.

I'm glad you are well. Though, I'm sorry to hear that the Marines stole your husband again.

On the other hand, just knowing your husband married a good woman like you, reinforces my belief that the Marines do have a few good men.

Congratulation on getting your country back! We'll try to keep it nice and neat until you get home.

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