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October 29, 2008


Joan of Snark


I heard that the Human Torch, Johnny Storm himself, read these last few posts and muttered, "Damn, that dude's on fire!"


Every time I think about the possibility of Palin throwing her Jimmy Choos in for 2012, I get positively tingly with excitement over the sheer train-wreckiness of it all. Maybe she'll enlist Joe the Plumber as running mate, 'though I doubt she'd risk someone who just as opportunistic as she is.

Conversely, when I consider the possibility that Ms. Palin may end up in the Senate... cold chills.


Aw, just let Alaska secede already. And take their ambitious little gop-squady governor with them.


I meant "god-squady" not "gop-squady", but either one works, and after all, they've worked so hard to make the two things interchangable.


Vic the Vice President will be her running mate in 2012. Paul the Pollster will tell her how she's doing. And Oscar the Orderly will administer her meds.

It's a campaign directed at the reading and comprehension and emotional level of its audience--ages 3 to 8.

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