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October 12, 2008



You are such a noble lion.


so, do ya follow baseball at all? hmmmmmm?


I used to follow baseball back when I was The Greatest Little Leaguer To Ever Play The Game. In fact, after all this time, I could probably still name the starting lineup for the 1978 Yankees in their batting order--Rivers, Randolph, Munson, Jackson, Nettles, Chambliss, Pinella, White, Dent.

But that was back before second basemen on steroids were built like garbage dumpsters on steroids, and hit 50 home runs a year.

Now, I find I hate all the players, and think the games are boring, and the season is about 120 games too long.

They ought to change the whole game into something like hockey. Maybe play the regular season until the All Star break, then tournament out until the World Series in early October.

But, then, I guess every .220 hitter wouldn't be able to make his 4 million dollars a year for sucking at the game.

So, no.

But congrats to yer Something Rays!

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