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March 17, 2008


Evans Boney

hey man, we have a lot of the same opinions, want to swap links?


It is sad that she is the best they can do. I hope she runs as McBush's VP.
Anyone else would have fired her sorry ass on 9/12, not chickengeorge though, he rewards failure.


OK, you've been "elsewhere" far too long.


I miss hearing from you, young man.

For God's Sake

For God's sake, already.


Your take on the political circus would be most welcome! (Come back!)


[shouting into the ether]

Ricky! Come back! Obama's a Muslim who fist-bumps Paris Hilton!

[/shouting into the ether]


New tactic: Peanut misses your love.


"The odds on Penn State’s chances this year are consistent across the board at all the major online sports books." 50 t0 1!!
Come on Ricky, one week to game day. Tell us why they're full of shit. I get all my Nittany Lions news from you.

Joan of Snark

Wooooo baby! Excerpted on the main page! Thank you for that honor!

I will grab this opportunity to say: I think you're wrong that there are plenty of other bloggers doing a better job than you could. I honestly probably copied and pasted more of your posts in emails to friends or Republican relatives than any other blogger I can think of. Hell, I almost wish Rudy! would end up on a national stage again so I could once again enjoy sending around your posts about him!

Yes, it's true that all the blogging done in the past eight years probably won't convince anyone who didn't already agree with the blogger to begin with. Yes, it's true that this nation of lobotomy patients might very well once again refuse to learn from all the experiences of Republican leadership over the past four decades and elect Mayor Moosie. The poor dumb saps think this is just another reality show - The Presidency - and they're currently enthralled with the odd couple of the war hero and the hot librarian and want to see how their relationship develops over the new season.

But unless you kill yourself in despair, you know you're still going to force yourself to watch all of it, and throw things at your tv, and rant to whoever will stand close enough to hear why not write those thoughts down here, where other people can take a break from assaulting their appliances and berating their friends and commiserate with you?

Reasonably sane, intelligent people who weren't fortunate enough to live in the same neighborhood can watch the spectacle, look at each other (in a manner of speaking) and say, "Can you believe this shit?" That's possibly the best any of us can do. (Dude, even Billmon came back, and I seriously thought that guy was going to off himself in despair.)

I hope you reconsider, but if not, thanks for all of it, and I hope you don't delete the blog, so I can at least still access the archives for my emailing needs.


From St. Pat's Day to 9-11. Makes perfect sense to me. Belated thanks for the blogging.


Fuck, Billmon's back?

Why didn't anyone tell me the Whiskey Bar was open?

If someone could get Elton Beard to write again, I swear to all things holy I'll post every day.

Joan of Snark

Billmon's posting at Kos these days:

I'll see if I can light a fire under Elton now!

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