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December 11, 2007


Kit E

The 24%ers can't change, no matter the data staring them in the face. I got to listen to my nephew, who mustered out of the Army on 2003 after 1 tour in Iraq, explain his rages, his total checking out of reality, etc., all the classic signs of PTSD while at Thanksgiving this year. In front of his parents, 24%ers all the way. Does it change their support of the boy king now that it has permanently mind-fucked their son? No.


Libertarian Girl

Remember, while the vast majority of the Republicans in charge were for this debacle, many conservatives and Republicans actually ARE conservative, believing that Congress was acting unconstitutionally and overstepping federal power. One example that comes to mind is Ron Paul.

Many conservatives are upset with a party that has been hijacked by neocons and Christian right-ers and the politicians who pander to these two sub-groups.


You don't have to tell me that. I've posted a bunch of times that I don't have a problem with people being conservative--fiscally, I'm fairly conservative.

But what being "conservative" has come to mean in the Modern Republican party...I have no idea. There don't even seem to be any core beliefs. It just seems to center around "Us vs. Them"--whatever "They" are for, "We" are against! Whatever "They" are against, "We" are for!

Bush, by any standard has been a lawless, incompetent, dishonest administrator and a profligate spender--and he still polls at over 80% approval among Republicans.

I hope all Republicans who feel like you do become libertarians. I don't share too many common beliefs with libertarians, but to me, at least, libertarians seem to actually have a political philosophy--Glenn Reynolds, aside.

I say, "Good for the Republicans who feel abandoned by their party! I hope there are more and more of you every day."

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