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December 12, 2007


Ted Smith

Agreed. But if Edwards isn't on the ticket, I hope that he has a place in the new Administration. I believe that he would be the best Attorney General in the history of the Republic.

Kit E

I've been for Edwards from the very beginning, and I can't find one HRC supporter in ANY person I know, so where the hell does her supposed support come from? Oh that's right, corporations. Silly me.


While some of Edwards' senate votes give me the willies, he's had the most aggressively progressive message out of all the top tier. He's actually demonstrating the kind of leadership we need. Definitely vote Edwards.


Thank you - there's lots of closet Edwards voters out there and we need to make more noise. I live in NYC and people seem to think it's already down to HRC or Obama. I think just saying in public I was for Edwards put in on the table for more than a handful of people who may vote for him now.

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