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July 02, 2007


Kit E

"He seeks guidance, like every other president does, in prayer."

That statement alone should scare the crap out of anyone in this country who has a functioning brain.

Apparently the Iraq war is OK because God said all those people needed to suffer and die, and our soldiers are just divinely-designated cannon fodder. Makes it easy, doesn't it? In spite of all the "president cares" propaganda, I have no doubt that Bush expends just as much mental energy on the dead soldiers as he did on all those death warrants he so gleefully signed.


Yep...when you're President, shit happens, like to ordinary folks, who just have to deal with it and not call meetings. "What can I learn from history?" Apparently NOTHING. Not that he has even the vaguest idea about history in the period between the Noahastic Flood and, say, now. His whole idea of his 'legacy' seems to be if you lie often enough, and repeat the same lies over and over ad nauseum, people will believe you, as you come to believe yourself.


"King, the GOP congressman, introduced him backstage to a soldier injured in one eye...... He actually touched the eye a little."
Obviously attempting a faith healing.


He just likes squishy things.

That's why he used to blow up frogs, you know.

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