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January 24, 2007


Peacechick Mary

Cheney is the mother of all hogwash! He will go down in history as VP hogwash. In fact, people will refer to him as Dick Hogwash Cheney til the end of time.

Kit E

Dick Hogwash Vader Cheney Go Fuck Yourself, imperial leader and all around evil and insane waste of advanced cardiac technology.


Seven years of, "What if's" disguised as "It IS's" and a trillion dollars down the drain, America (like a lava flow, slowly, slowly) turning against them, and this moron still hyping the unimaginable!

But, yeah, Cheney is who keeps Bush safe from assassination. Johnson was said to be considering Sammy Davis, Jr. for veep, cuz "NOBODY wants a one-eyed Jewish black as prsident!"

But at least, Cheney is conversant with Shaekespear: "First, we kill all the lawyers." Snicker

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I mean ever, in history? dick cheney is one of a kind by god, the world has never seen his like. There have been similar scum bags, but this guy is one of the most singular evil characters in all of history, setting a new standard for evil scum bags.

Just look at him, snarling, insulting, decreeing, commanding, orchestrating, managing, manipulating, sneaking, stealing, lying, whoring.

I almost forget sometimes through the fog of bush's ineptness, that it's dick cheney who is doing all the evil behind the scenes, its not like he's trying to hide it, everyone agrees, he's the one in charge of all this insanity.

He is the one who really deserves our revulsion and repulsion and loathing, the monster dick cheney, boldly ripping us all off, boldly pissing on the rule of law, boldly inventing wars and boldly reaping the largest war profits ever made by a single human being who is already hemorrhaging with money.

What the hell kind of a nation are we to allow this scum bag to do all this with our tacit approval...?

Abby Normal

I totally agree with you about DICK! He is one of the most evil people in the world.The entire Bush administration should be put in Gitmo and waterboarded.

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