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December 13, 2006


Kit E

What should really make the 'wingers heads explode is that the House of Saud has just said that they will support (read:arm) the sunni's, meaning this will include the minor and disorganized Al Queda presence currently operating in Iraq. So, the Boy Wonder has managed to fuck this up so completely that our main buds in the ME are going to fund the guys we USED TO fund (the sunnis), and in the process, help fund, arm and organize the nascent Al Queda in Iraq.

How could this administration (a term I obviously using very loosely here) do ANYTHING that could make this whole clusterfuck worse? I mean really, is there any way they could? I suppose the one last mistake left to make is to give nukes to Iraq, but that's about it. These guys are criminally insane sociopaths with (previously) excellent PR men. They should all rot in hell.


Eh. The Russians did the vast majority of the work of beating Hitler (not to mention absorbing the bulk of his aggression).


That is true.

So I guess those couple of million young American men who fought, bled, and died in Europe should feel okay about the modern American military taking its marching orders from some corrupt, decadent, lazy Saudi Arabian king.

What's your point?


Just sayin' is all.

I see the line about "We beat Hitler, etc. etc." come up in similar contexts around the blogs, so every now and then I get the urge to be a stickler for rhetorical accuracy.


My context is that American citizen soldiers have a proud tradition of fighting dictators, autocrats, and meglomaniacal monarchs.

And now they're fighting for them.

Kit E

Yeah, funny how that changed, eh Ricky? It used to be that we had the CIA and its hired guns doing all our supporting and fighting and all for the dictators (Pinochet) autocrats (Saddam, in a prior incarnation) and meglomaniacal monarchs (that crazy guy in Turkmenistan, etc). We'd do that, but never have our sodliers doing it (at least since the marines went into Nicaragua in the 1930's for the benefit of United Fruit).

Nope, since the media become more of a presence in the modernworld, the support for all these scum had to be less obvious so that was what the CIA, NSA, etc were for.

In this case only, Bush has kept his promise to make government more efficient; rather than the CIA and it's associated middlemen, we now just send in the troops. And the media rolls over like a beaten dog and ignores the whole story in exchange for a good bellyrubbing session. I wonder if the soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq think that's a fair trade?

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