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October 19, 2006



Kind of ironic that we sided with Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war isn't it? Considering that we've helped Iran to win that war 25 years later. Oh well, at least I got to visit Saudi Arabia and Bahrain in the summer of 1980. US Navy escort for Saddam's tankers.


Iraq is nothing like Vietnam! The land area is about the same, but the population of Vietnam is over three times that of Iraq.

In Vietnam we had up to 550,000 troops in-country. Iraq? About 140,000.

In Vietnam we chose to support the 10% Catholic, French-speaking French collaborationists over the 90% Buddhist agrarian traditional people who wanted nothing more than to stay on the land their families had farmed for 1,000 years and where the bones of their ancestors were interred. Who we moved off their land into 'strategic hamlets' and then wondered why they ignored Viet Minh activities they knew about.

In Iraq we are supporting, well, somebody, hell, anybody who tells us they are on "our side." Our actions have cost 650,000 deaths. That's like 6,000,000 Americans(but still 650,000 dead children, women, and men in real life) and the administration can't figure out why even the Iraqis want us the hell out!

"Mission Accomplished"? Go out and vote!!! Vote Democratic. Talk to people! And remember that Bush has said the President over-rides the Supreme Court. See this.


This is getting more and more dangerous. Many are in danger of getting caught in the bloodbath that follows this type of civil war and insurgency. Winds of change are blowing from many directions

Kit E

If you were an alien from another galaxy looking down on this mess, you'd be sure to conclude that all this crap is a coordinated plan to commit mass human extinction. Really, what other conclusion can you come to?

Bush is a disgusting, money-grabbing imbecile with Machiavellian retainers and enablers, and yet the Christian Right will still vote for him and his party this year because of course God is on his side. You want to save America? Then vote in a Democratic majority and start directing the IRS to investigate the right wing churches and their political campaigning, not just a left wing church where the minister made comments about the moral correctness of supporting a war. This prosecution of some and not of the most egregious offenders is just another example of its OK if you are a Republican; it is time to get back to a fairness for all idea, not just fairness for one side of the political spectrum.


Keep on grinding away at the truth. I am beginning to think you should write a book. Seriously. Not too many people can see past last week's news.


See? BOOK. I'm not the only one to think so! And it's not too far a drive to get to Jon Stewart's studio!

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