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August 02, 2006


Kit E

Ah yes, Lou Dobbs; what passes for a "I'm on the little guy's side" journalist these days. But wait, Bill O'Lielly claims the same thing, over and over! How can this be? Can there be more than one pundit with millions in salary who really cares about the "little guy"? More than one rich pundit who has been enjoying those rich guy tax cuts? More than one pundit who claims to be a journalist but wouldn't know a journalist if one bit him in the ass?

I'd love to see one of these guys get bit in the ass by a real journalist, but I haven't seen a real journalist in a long time either, at least not on the big networks and definately not on FAUX news.

Peacechick Mary

Democrats in name only. I say we hang one congressperson a week until they start acting like they represent all the people, not just the corporations.


It's time to purge Congress.

Help spread the word.

Become a Purger today.

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