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July 19, 2006



I'm pretty sure we are screwed in general, hey, i gotta an idea, let's kill a bunch of people every where, but within our own borders, (what's the grand total of Iraq now?), but not allow for stem cell research because it could lead to bad things....hmm, maybe pretending like 1 American life is worth 150 foreign lives isn't good either.....anyway, nice rant Ricky, I don't know the answer to the current problems facing the world, but it certainly isn't banning stem cell research....i'm a huge fan of America too, damn glad I live here, I just wish every 1 American life would realize how fortunate they are.....

Mary - Minnesota

One last comment, I hope that didn't sound too cynical, I just think we have SO much here....and we don't realize it, at all, myself included, anyway, nice rant....


Welcome back, young man; I thought Homeland Security might have caught up with you as you hadn't been posting in a while.
I, too, am glad the gummint is responding to these important issues that all America is worried about. I mean, everything internationally is going fine, the economy is in great shape; now's the time to do a little housekeeping. Me? I'm waiting on the backflashes from the sixties to kick in to keep me from losing my effing mind!


wery good, respect!

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