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June 07, 2006


Kit E

Considering Ann Coulter's comments on Today with Matt Lauer yesterday that the 9-11 widows are "enjoying their husbands deaths", I'd have to say that perhaps Ann has jumped the shark, finally. Let's hope she trips on the landing and they get to eat her.


Ricky, if she's single and sexually active with other consenting adults, no matter the number, let's not attack her on those grounds. We don't even have to attack her on the fact that nobody can confirm she herself is a member of a church, anywhere (though this is funnier).

Her written word is all we need. There's plenty of great material right there.


Eyuh! Just the use of "Anne Coulter" and "sexually active" in the same sentence is gross!

I mean, what kind of "partner" would go to bed with an obviously sick, demented hag who can't discern reality from her fiery visions? Ah, you're right! A "good Christian family values Republican!"


Uh, I'm late to post here but can I say that you made my insomnia worth while?



Hey, Rick, you said the same thing as Henry Rollins!

Great minds think alike and all that.

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