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May 04, 2006


Mary - Minnesota

I just want to know if the new balances had a pump? Probably not, I don't think those have been around since the whole Kangaroos thing...nice rant...


Ahh - See! We didn't know what a dumbass he was before. now that we have the revelations on this tape - catching him will be a piece of cake! Any day now...just you watch...


I wonder if the guy who released the outtakes of "Gomer Haji" was the same guy who hired Stephen Colbert to perform for the Prez. Probably not: there seems to be lots o' idiots in this administration.

Kit E

Oh, we'll catch him all right. I predict it will happen, with all the "news" channels covering it like it is the second coming, on Nov. 1. That gives them 7 days before we prols vote, and 7 days that can be spun into "see, NOW we've REALLY turned the corner, this time FOR SURE! HONEST!"

Brenda Helverson

An excellent take on a stupid stunt. I had thought no deeper than to laugh at their feeble attempts to poke fun. But as I see now, it's a lot more serious (and incompetent) than that.


So they can get ahold of the blooper reel from a propaganda tape, but not the actor. Oh, well...

But it must be humiliating for al Queda to have it demonstrated that your leader can't handle, and has "accidents" with, a gun, and is surrounded by mindless bumblers. I know I do.


Isn't that the truth? It's like al Qaeda in Iraq has it's own Dick Cheney.

Kind of like the Bizarro World Superman or something.

Kit E

I recently read some military man's comments that the weapon Zacarri was firing is a US weapon that is actually quite difficult to use unless you are well trained on it. This fellow's assessment is that (1) the video shows that they have captured US weapons, which really isn't a propaganda point for the US military, and (2) anyone who knows about this weapon would not be surprised at someone having a hard time firing. Apparently military people see this video as a whole lot less than funny given what is implied by item (1).

As for the sidekick who grabbed it by the hot barrel, well, no one says that sycophants have to be competant. Hell, we can look around the Bush/Cheney freakfest for proof of that.

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