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April 10, 2006





she's not holding a Busch beer, is she??? I thought you only hung out with babes that drink Rolling Rock.


Actually, that's my hand holding the Busch beer--in the middle of a good girl frenzy it's hard to tell whose hand is whose.

The Busch beer is not so disturbing to me--it was college. We couldn't always afford the $2.95 six pack of Rolling Rock. You know, the good stuff.

What's disturbing to me is that I appear to be wearing--and it's hard to see in the old grainy photo, but I recognize it--a black tie with Hawaian flowers on it as a head band.

And the girls have stolen my hats.


(special bonus points if you can pick out Leonard Cohen, David Hildago, Suzanne Vega, Graham Parker, Robin Hitchcock, John Hiatt, Graham Parker, Crowded House, and Ed Grimly...)



Where is Luxemburg? Would you whisper or scream if you woke up there?

My favorites: "Every Little Sister, wants to wear Big Sister's clothes"; "Yesterday's News is Tomorrows Fish 'n Chips Paper".

Funny, I remember these from my college days in the late 70's - early 80's.

Thanks, in advance, for my uncontrollable urge to invade my attic in search of vinyl this evening.

Billy P

"..and you'll never discover
why it's like an old lover
you can't touch anymore
It doesn't mean much anymore
When you go back in time."

I think I can still smell that house though


" you head down to the local
trying to find a focal point
a scratch in the wallpaper
but it's all been wallpapered over..."

Oh, come on, Bill. That house was clean as a whistle. And well ventilated, too! After Micky kicked in the cellar door and we busted out the front windows on the first day of the semester and didn't bother to replace them for three years.

I used to really enjoy the snow drifts in the living room in the winter.

I think that smell you're talking about was probably the twenty five year old coconut holding up part of that leopard skin sofa.

Either that, or it was us.


or maybe it was the busch beer.

Billy P

Yes, I had forgotten about the DIY ventilation system installed in the front room.

Colder than a well digger's arse in January, it was. But it did effectively cut the stench during the winer months.

The college students Febreeze, I believe.


Well, it helped to live there, Billy. You know, it's like the old Blues Brothers thing:

Q: "How often do the trains go by?"

A: "So often you won't even notice."

It only ever bothered me when someone lost a chili dog for a couple of months.

Or when Augie would steal beat kegs from outside bars and try to cut the bottoms off them.


Elvis watching over Ricky in babeland. Niiiiiiice!

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