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March 27, 2006



You think that's bad, I've been called "ma'am" -- OUCH!


maybe she thought you were his dad.



Sorry, you can't blame this one on Bush!


I can't blame this on Bush? Why not? It's clearly his fault.

I didn't have this problem when Clinton was president.


Absolutely right! Fucking Republican administration has turned my hair gray. I was NEVER this gray when Clinton was in office!


Now that's some funny ass shit, rickey boy. Is it time to start buying the Grecian formula in bulk or investing in rogaine?


Keep feeling young, and you'll always be that way. She probably is 16 and a HS dropout. Men (with a young attitude)get better with age.


This was a great blog post--worthy of being the 2006 (loser) Koufax award for funniest blog post.

I'm so old that I can't remember being young, but your post perfectly captures that wonderful, sizzling sense of possibility that only the fleeting admiration of strangers can give us--and alas, only for a fleeting moment.



Very funny considering your opinion of yourself is so ridiculously high. . .Uncle.

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That is a very cute story. You'll never know where will you end up guys.

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It's funny in a way knowing what they did on the last part.

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