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March 23, 2006


spaghetti happens

"But, please, 'liberal' media, please continue your important discussion as to whether Helen Thomas was out of line or not.

"We'll just ignore the last five years of total catastrophe and let history sort out how many people Helen Thomas killed for no good reason at all."

Well said. It's what the phrase "fucking idiots" was created for.

Peacechick Mary

You're back! It was worth the wait and I love it! Fantastic, powerful.


Ricky! I'm so glad you took time to "calm down" before writing this! :o)

Definitely worth waiting for.


Boy, that was definitely worth the wait. Do you feel better now that you got that off your chest? No, neither do I- this guy is the most horrible, embarassing pResident EVER.


Thanks for this



How dare Helen Thomas! Doesn't she know that questions embolden our enemies? Chimpy's got 1000+ days left; what else can possibly go wrong?


Hey! Don't hold back or be shy about what you think...

This is a fantastic rant my friend. Although 'rant' is an overused word and sometimes implies only emotional venting. This is also astute, accurate and well written.

From my perspective north of the 49th, he is the worst President you've ever elected AND has dashed hopes for the planet in ways only a US leader could... from Kyoto to International Courts, to the global economy, to African aid, to militarizing space, to fueling the religious bigots and more.

It would be funny, but it's too sad.


Gary- In our defense, he wasn't really elected.

Kit E

I love Canada, and I love my Canadian friends; we vacation there every chance we get (love your snow and back country lodges!). I pains me that Canada is soon going to have to deal with having an over-armed apocalytic theocracy across their border.

Forgive us, they stole the democramic process before we realized just have bat shit insane and ruthless they were. I weep for my country.


Do you feel better now that you got that off your chest?

No, not at all. I was still ridiculously hysterical, a week later, when I got around to ranting about it.

This is a fantastic rant my friend. Although 'rant' is an overused word and sometimes implies only emotional venting.

I, as well, feel that "rant" is overused. Which is why it's my goal, as a blogger, to show people the difference between thoughtful commentary and ranting.

Josh Marshall? Commentary.

Me? Ranting.

It isn't satisfying to me unless I sound like I started off with 36 cups of coffee and wrapped it up with the last of the Canadian Club.

And speaking of Canadians, who I love, didn't you people just elect a conservative government???

Haven't you wonderful people been watching your demented southern neighbors wreck their country at all for the last five years???

Maybe I'm wrong. Correct me--please!




this is the best blog in the history of the internet.

my favorite thing is how the likes of the Malkin-bots wave away the legitimate criticisms of this douche with "You just hate Bush! YOU HAVE BUSH DERANGEMENT SYNDROME!!! crazy MOONBAT!!!!!!!"

do they even read what he says? do they even listen to him?

what is wrong with hating a stupid liar?


This is the best blog in the history of the internets.

But, to be fair, I totally stole "womperjawed" from the wonderful Molly Ivans.

I'd like to say I plagiarized that from Molly. Because then I could get a job at the Washington Post!

Unfortunately, you can't plagiarize just one single word. Plus, I don't think Molly invented it.

So I have to resign myself to just stealing. Which is kind of a bummer. Since, you know, Enron went out of bidness.

I can't even get a job there.

Maybe when Bush is done wrecking the country, he'll go back to the Rangers. Then I can work for him!

He and his partners were huge on stealing.

And, of course, I'm not talking about bases.

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