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February 03, 2006



Notes to self:
- vote for Nancy Pelosi/Hillary Clinton
- apply for press pass
- buy a new camera
- tap into Ricky's phone/email/secret thoughts so I know when to show up at the White House


Elkit, contact me first...


Bush was an incompetent fool.


Ellen, don't worry - I'll blog it before I head over. See ya'll there!


At least when Bill's testosterone boiled over, he knew how to use it properly. Gibbering War Monkey only had enough to start one of those let's-you-and-him-fight things. "Here's a few of our weekend warriors, under-equiped and under-supported. Bring it on, you sons of motherless goats!"


Bill Clinton was the first American president to leave the government, the country, and the world better than when he found it since FDR.

Eight years of unprecedented peace and prosperity. The greatest economic expansion in the history of the world. A two hundred and thirty billion dollar surplus. American military might was feared and respected around the globe. And in every country around the globe the name of America was trusted and respected.

Bill Clinton couldn't go anywhere in the world without being mobbed by adoring throngs.

And Democrats, instead of canonizing the dude like Republicans did with Reagan, stabbed him in the back, covered their quivering hineys with both hands, and stepped on each others heads to climb in front of CNN and MSNBC cameras in order to be the first Democrat to say, "I have children at home, myself, who I'm quite sure would never in their lives even hear about a penis if it weren't for this unheard of perversion of a United States President actually liking--ewwww!--girls!"

For the job Bill Clinton did, in the ugly, awful Washington he did it in, we should not only have applauded him getting the rare, awkward blowjob, we should have had a little bubble to fill in on our tax forms, indicating we'd like a dollar of our returns to go to Vegas callgirls to blow the President to make sure he keeps doing what he's been doing.

He wasn't perfect. But he worked hard. He was competent. He surrounded himself with competent people.

And, for the most part, he got good results.

And the guy was crucified for a blowjob? How spoiled were we? The American people should have lined up on their knees, mouths open, in appreciation for what he did.


Also, Cookie, that's hot.

You've got a filthy mouth.

And I love it.

Say something else dirty to me. Say something about Rumsfeld and force restructuring or troop deployments...but go slow.

You know, how I like it.

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