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February 08, 2006



I have an option to suggest: Bush, Go to Iraq. Stay there. Never, ever come back. Don't put your stupid face on TV or smirky voice on radio. Disapear.


Excellent summary of the smallest man alive.

Kit E

Everyone has lie fatigue by now, which is leading to outrage fatigue. The press can't be bothered to cover this stuffing of the SS "reform" into the budget, brad and angelina must be covered at all costs!


It's like a man trying to sell you a used car, but not telling you what model it is -- and when you sensibly say no way, he goes behind your back and adds a price of the car to your restaurant bill.

Neil Shakespeare

Cyanide is about the only answer I can come up with. Let him do the right thing, the honorable thing, and chomp down hard on that capsule.

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