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February 22, 2006



For me it's the Turkish Song of the Damned. Suicide in a song, with a rhythm that makes you want to live again.

Yeah, I come from the Irish.


My favorite is In My Blue Heaven. Though I'm not sure I'd care for a Bottle of Pontchartrain just now.


I'm more than a little Irish myself, mostly when I'm at the bar. Rain Street is the one that gets me.


Turn it up I did. And I'll do it again right. NOW!

mike g

The craziest damned thing is that I clicked on Bottle of Blog just a "24 Hour Party Peoople" started playing on i-tunes. Today is now officially "Baggy Sunday." I'm bustin' out the Inspiral Carpets next!

mike g

whoops. forget that last comment.

maple story mesos

whoops. forget that last comment.

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