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February 23, 2006



1. Now I'm sure that I'd never heard him before...because I didn't realize he was British. Oops!
2. I like the last one the best. I guess I need a melody in addition to angry lyrics. Hence LW3.
3. I think there have been a few instances when I've heard a bit of a song that I thought was something new from Elvis Costello, but it must have been JWH.


My boyfriend Nick is an avid "Music" photgrapher and will love that shot --- Especially the image reflecting off his mirror shades - did you take the photo??


No, gawd, when the few times I saw JWH I was too poor to own a camera and far too drunk to aim one.

If I'd have had a camera, I'm pretty sure I would have wound up with like twenty pictures of my shoes and maybe a couple of the bouncers' forearms reaching for me.

Maybe a couple of the sidewalk outside the bar.

And Karen, JWH is one melodic muthafugger. If you can hear "Come Gather 'Round" or "Hitler's Tears" and not hum that one all day, you're deaf.

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