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February 07, 2006


dj moonbat

Doubtless, he was driven to it by his high malpractice premiums. Fucking lawyers...


It's amazing society can function at all with all these friggin' lawyers!

Though, some people say, without lawyers, society would be a free for all.

I might be wrong, but I think it was Oliver Wendell Holmes who said, "Lawyers are the price society pays for unreasonable businessmen."

It's no wonder modern Republicans hate them so much.

Mary - Minnesota

I swear, the headlines alone are priceless...god damn lawyers...hope you're well Ricky...

Neil Shakespeare

Did Bush actually say that "...practice their love with women..." quote?! Jesus. I must not be keeping up on my Bushisms. Well, anyway, good to see he's making progress in his "Program to Destroy America".


No shit, he really said OB/GYNs were being prevented from practicing their "love".

It'a about the creepiest thing a President has ever said.


Well boys, my gyne's a woman... We have pillow fights after the "exam".

But seriously now, that doctor was in the audience the night Chimpy gave the "love" speech. He was the real-life PR "example" who stood up for Chimpy to use and abuse and the nation to see. What's a bush speech without showing some "common people". (Especially those in great misery.)

And Ricky... lawyers, you gotta love them.


You have pillow fights with your female GYN too, Ellen!!?? I thought it was just a special perk of the clinic I go to.

Who knew, the practice was catching on? It's a great stress reliever after those uncomfortable exams.


You guys don't even have to leave those comments. Any time chicks get down to their bras and panties, a pillow fight breaks out.

Everyone knows that.

But my own post and your comments reminded me of something I had completely forgotten about.

When I was in highschool, I had to get a physical to play baseball and my family doctor, who I'd been seeing for like fifteen years, retired.

And I needed the physical right away. And the only doctor who could see me right away was my mother's new doctor--a GP--but she was a woman.

I'd never been to a woman doctor before.

And I was seventeen.

And so I go to this woman's office, and she was a pretty attractive Indian woman. And we go back to the examination room and she tells me to strip down to my underwear, just like a male doctor would, and she starts the all important weighing and measuring and looking in my ears--in case disease is hidden there!

And the whole time, she's touching me, and I'm in my underwear, and I'm seventeen.

And all I could think throughout the whole examination was: "Don't get excited. Don't get excited. Remember, you're getting like a D in Latin...a D...OH MY GOD, she's checking me for a hernia! She's REALLY checking me for a hernia! She's asking me to cough...think about your dad's face when he sees that D in Latin...think..."

It's funny to me now, because, frankly, now, hell, I'd pay extra for that kind of thorough examination.

Shit, I'd get a full physical twice a week.

But, at the time, it was about the most uncomfortable thirty minutes of my life.

No real point to that story, except I think it's funny. And remembering it, I can still only imagine what it would be like to have a totally creepy man as your OB/GYN.

Practicing his love.


So, did you "get excited?" You left that part out. Very anti-climactic.


Oh, Cookie! I was seventeen.

And do you know where the doctor holds you when he asks you to cough?

What do you think?


But the important question is...
Did you get your pillow fight?


I think as long as you get either a pillow fight or an embarrassing inappropriatetly-timed hard on, it a successful clinic visit.

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