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February 15, 2006


Neil Shakespeare

Yup. And then there was the 'party to be named later'...who turned out to this hot (well, Cheney 'hot', if you know what I mean) Swiss ambassador chick, who they wouldn't even identify for fear of pissing off Mrs. Cheney. They managed to keep that under wraps too. What if she was giving him a blowjob and just as he was coming his gun went off, accidently in a spit of climactic passion? And if you WEREN'T drunk, wouldn't you like that established immediately? Anyway...


My favorite spin was Scotty saying everyone was too concerned about getting Whittington medical care to do all that other stuff (like informing the WH, etc.). I visualized Cheney performing open heart surgery in the field after shooting his friend in the face.
Why tell the truth when you can lie? It's obviously a lifestyle choice for this bunch of alcoholic mofos.


So, you got up to get yourself a glass of water in the middle of the night. Was there no woman around to kick out of bed to go get it for you?


And, even if the White House didn't give a flying otherwise, wouldn't you think that someone would have asked if it was Cheney that got shot? Just out of curiosity's sake? Yep, me too. And that whoever asked that was told, "No, he was the shooter."

Sounds more likely to me that everyone from the (attempted) killing fields of Texas right on up to the "highest government levels" knew exactly what had happened and to whom. Except maybe the sheriff, who does indeed seem to take "reports" of "shootings" with an indifference I find a bit disquieting. And then Cheney, after the sheriff gives him time to sober up, goes and pulls the rug out from under him by admitting he had been drinking, but (wink, wink) just one beer! Ask any traffic cop what the phrase "one beer" means in the real world. Read: at least "one" Colt .45 40 ouncer.

And just in case the chuckles are running out, let us not miss: "Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-Vt.), who was once on the receiving end of a vice presidential obscenity on the floor of the Senate, said: "In retrospect, it looks like I got off easy."


We would have more luck finding out who shot Kennedy than what happened out there on the quail massacre fields. It's over and it will die down and be a vague memory of some shit that happened while we were killing people in Iraq.


The whole "reports coming in late into the night" bullshit is just that. These fucks have secret service men watching them piss. Essentially, the WH is saying that they couldn't turn to the guy to their left in the dark suit with the earphone and ask what happened. Yes, it's all murky. (unless, of course Bush gutted the secret service and appointed Brownies)

You are dead on in the dinner/belated police interview. And seriously, Cheney drinks beer?

The drunk shot his friend in a stupor and got sober before scandal broke.

And that's loyalty - Intensive care, a "despised lawyer" and nearly dying. No comment.

Kit E

This whole event and its aftermath is such a perfect metaphor for these guys. I have this image in my head of all these brown-nosing suits running around afterwards, deciding which set of lies to tell the press but only after they have test marketed each lie on each other to see which results in the highest total sympathy quotient.

I don't think it worked this time though. The usual procedure from these guys is to take any story, scandal, etc and then drown it in factesque details, spin and tangential commentary so it all melds into one inpenetrable mess that the public ignores. However this time every person on the street has this story under the catagory of "he shot that guy in the face", and no amount of spin or O'Lielly bloviation is going to change the fact that when part of this story comes up, the words in everyone's mind are "he shot that guy in the face".

Cheney's approval ratings were at 19% before he shot that guy in the face, what do you suppose they are now?


You deserve a bacon cookie. Or two or twelve.
And stomping baby birds with golf cleats? I think you're onto something. I think you should market this new, umh, sport.


Great job with the timeline analysis, Ricky. You DO know they shelter the "White House" from negative shit, don't you? This is all like a dream come true.


Oh, my Gawd! A bacon cookie!!!

I'm like that dog in the commercial!


While I don't really don't feel any kind of moral superiority to people that hunt, and while, if I had to, I'd probably hunt, to eat bacon, I still don't like it.

It doesn't really make sense. And I can't defend it. Logically.

I just like animals.

It's a terrible conflict, I think, to keep on eating them while really liking them.

On the other hand, as much as I like them, I kind of think that most of them would eat me, given half the chance.

So, there's that, too.

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