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February 12, 2006



Knowing about JFK, let alone all the others, it still blows my mind that Clinton was IMPEACHED over this. I really believe that kids will have a hearty chuckle over that when they read about it in future history textbooks. (WTF? The '90s were the DARK AGES??)

Neil Shakespeare

I don't even know how to touch this, so I won't even try. Well, maybe I will. Gotta be somethin' I can do with that 'sweetie pie coo coo'...


Shocking, isn't it? At least Bill had the decency to sign all his letters to his wife: "Mr. Clinton".

Or, sometimes, "Mr. President", when he was in the doghouse.

Brenda Helverson

I never "got" Nancy Reagan until I read a book by a former WH employee about the First Families. I realized that Nancy had an agenda all right, but it wasn't a political agenda. Instead, it was the care and feeding of Ronnie. She made sure that he had his coat and gloves and hated anyone who tried to hurt him. Cold? Maybe. But not where Ronnie was concerned.


My feeling about Ron and Nancy is about the same as my feeling about any other President and his wife:

I absolutely could not possibly care less.

I only bring it up and mock it because Republicans stupidly and hypocritically, and ignorantly bring up Bill and Hillary.

It's idiotic and it's horseshit.

Who cares whether someone has a nice marriage, is a good parent, or goes to church regularly?

If it's coming out of my wallet, all I care is that they're good at what they've been hired to do.

If they're the biggest fucking drunk, wife beating lowlife, and high stakes gambler--but a top notch administrator of the executive branch, they've still got my vote.

I don't care what their homelife is like. I'm not electing them and paying them to be attentive husbands or fathers. I'm not paying them to go to church every Sunday.

If they're great people? Bonus! More power to them. But that's not a job requirement.

Some of the best fathers, husbands, church going guys I know are the worst, most incompetant professionals I know.

God love them. I wish them well. I just don't see any reason to professionally reward them for their personal qualities in light of their professional failures.

And Republicans are fucking silly about this crap. They keep talking about values and character, as if it mattered, when the real question is: competence.

Work ethic.


And, to make matters worse, Republicans keep, like little children, pretending that their politicians have more character and better values than they actually do.

People are people. They've all got the same weaknesses and flaws. Personally.

But the hallmark of the modern Republican party is shocking incompetence and laziness--professionally.

It's been well demonstrated for thirty years. And Republicans still don't care, because they ridiculously think that character more than makes up for stupidity.

So, to that, I answer: read some history, chuckleheads. You ain't got any character, either.


I have to agree with you, Ricky. Do the job. Do what you agreed to do. Who cares about your personal life. Men (women) are vunerable to shit and no one is perfect. Just don't let your stupidity and greed screw the masses if you are a supposed leader.

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