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February 19, 2006



knowing cheney's background/history, when i found out about the shooting, i assumed he'd been drinking. fucking liars.


Yep. No one outside of a small circle of friends even saw him for almost a full day after the incident. And law-enforcement politely agreed to a request to go away the day of the shooting. And the Texas Parks and Wildlife report says drinking wasn't a factor (and fails to list the other "hunters.") And the one page sheriff's report that closed the case for them doesn't mention alcohol (or even that the "investigator" so much as asked about drinking). But Cheney says he had one beer hours before the hunt. That's good enough for me!


lol, me too. given everything that's come out about the cheney thing alone, why people are swallowing this shit and not demanding an investigation is a mystery to me.


Right. No alcohol was involved. Cap'n Buckshot was also positive that Iraq had massive stockpiles of WMDs. No doubt about that either.

So if he didn't shoot his "friend", I mean "acquaintance", in the face because he was too drunk to have kept his gun under control, I guess the *completely sober* Deputy Leader shot his acquaintance in the face just for giggles.

The other thing that bugs me is that there are a number of people *carrying guns* near Deputy Leader (aside from his Secret Service detail) and the best, most credible witness, is some chick hanging out in the car, back at the road. Wouldn't the team of SS goons that are trained specifically to follow and be aware of Deputy Leader and all potential threats around him (including, you know, some dudes carrying guns) have maybe witnessed something and been able to have a slightly more sane account of what happened there? My bet is they do, but it wouldn't look good for Cap'n Buckshot, so they just aren't going to say aything. Probably would be harmful to national security if anyone outside of the reality-based world figured out that our country is being run by a whole crew of old drunk geezers.

I guess this answers any questions about whether Deputy Leader is able to be as much of a straight-shooter as King George is.


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