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December 02, 2005



(Bushiness as usual) Dubya looks like little Prep school boy giving a oral presentation --- the Vegas style "Victory" stage props are classic.


can he give himself the congressional medal of honor? That might be fitting.


"Plan for Victory... Settle for Victorious Defeat"

Kit C.

Something interesting is starting to happen: the average folk are beginning to think these speeches with their phoney, Madison Avenue backdrops look and smell an awful lot like an ad for a salad shooter or whatever other cheap plastic crap some marketing genuis is pushing on late night TV. And that, my friends, is when the shark gets jumped.


For his last speech, depending on the fall of the dice, the backdrops will either be
"Head Up My Ass" or "So Long, Suckers!"


Yeah, it's kind of ass-backwards, isn't it. The plan for victory should have been much earlier and probably would have included staying out of Iraq in the first place.

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