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December 27, 2005


Mary - Minnesota

I like how you make the comment of "what everyone knows privately", I find it fascinating what one will do to carry out a public persona of "keeping the peace", most people give up any sort of real voice in order to maintain a steady public support. Power dynamics do not allow for "strong" voices to succeed in the public arena, people with real power know that these people are threats and therefore will go to great lengths to make them look foolish, crazy, immoral or reactionary, look through history and most people who have such voices are underground now.

Mary Florida

Now what do I do with all the duct tape? Remember when they had anthrax in every envelope and the people who opened them were asking for combat pay? I mean, they played this up to the hilt, wagging the dog. I hope Lieberman falls in a hole full of ...I dunno, I'll think of something.

Neil Shakespeare

Love the crickets, dude. Ah, Xmas is such a peaceful time! Still, I miss the old 'High Orange', don't you?

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