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November 13, 2005



Seventy officers from 23 area communities responded to a 'girl frenzy' of almost 2000 people, mostly teenage girls?

Is there no challenge the boys in blue will not take on in service of the community?


I always said you have to watch out for those breeding boys at the mall on a Saturday afternoon!


Frankly, I was jealous when I read that.

The last time I was in the middle of a girl frenzy, it was just one girl. But what she lacked in numbers, she made up for with her frenzying.

The cops had to sort that one out, too.

who knows???????

ilaughed so hard i cried wen i heard dat. now dont get me wrong I LUV B5 WIT ALL MA HEART!!!! but dese groupies need ta chill out. im tellin u dese r sum dik craved people.


wow. i was just at a b5 mall concert today and it was great!! but nobody did anything like that. wow im a big fan, (i like bryan the most) but i mean god i didnt attack them or anything. i did get some nice pictures and i even got one with their mom, she gave me a hug!! thats the closest ill probably EVER get to hugging them so it was soo cool.

who knows???

Crazy azz Bi**hes


Crazy azz Bi**hes


I LOVE B5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


D-A-M-N! I am sOoOoOoOoOo in luv wit B5 but these crzy azz chikz need 2 chill out! Thoz r mi men out thurr... so back off Bi**hz! 4 REALZ! I luv u Patrick!


OMG, Bi**hz!
Ricky is so much hipper than thoz B5 boyz! You should like totally read Bottle of Blog, like every day!!!!

I LOVE BOB!!!!!!
I LOVE RICKY 4-EVER!!!!!!!!!!


I am sOoOoOoOoOo in luv wit Riky so back off u crzy azz bi**h. Riky dont want no gurl frenzy at BOB. 4 realz!


Ellen, are you nuts???

I live for a good girl frenzy!

Frenzy on, bitches!


When you have a harem, Ricky, you know you just snap your fingers for a good girl frenzy.

Jus' keep on snappin'.


Harem??? What's this harem thing?

I thought I was your best fan ever???

I'm crushed. crushed!


You think you're crushed now, wait until Bush gets his hands on your testicles...


Cookie has testicles?


Two pair.

One for going balls to the wall. The other just for walking. Like she's got a pair.

Though, I recommend she gets a third pair. A little black pair. You know, for cocktail parties and such.

Every girl needs a good LBP.


He's right, I have two pair, and have been searching on ebay for a third to use at cocktail parties when I tell dirty jokes and belch a lot.

They are detachable of course. I generally only use them in dire circumstances like during job interviews, performance reviews and ordering beers at the bar. They really come in handy sometimes.


I am sooooooooooo in love With B5 But I Love Carnell and Dustin the Most.


What about Ricky!!???? He's the cutest by far, especially when he dons that sexy, hot and steamy ornamental headgear.

I soooooooooooo want to have his babies.

OMG, did I say that out loud?


Pfffffffft!!!!! (As coffee cmes out of my nose.)

Well, Ricky, there's an open invite to Florida if I've ever heard one!!!


I go away for a couple of days, and suddenly I've got a girl frenzy in my comments!


Did you have fun? Where did you go? Was there a girl frenzy there? C'mom, I won't tell Cookie!


Where did I go? I took my inner child to my inner zoo.

We had cotton candy and saw a hippopotomus.

It was fun.

Alas, the girls frenzied not...


OMG Ricky, you are so going to the wrong zoo or eating the wrong cotton candy or something.

You are the most far-out, groovy guy ever! I put your picture on my wall and I kiss it every night!!!! I love, love, love your blog!!!!!!

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