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November 18, 2005


Neil Shakespeare

It's just mindboggling, isn't it? These are folks who TOOK LEAD in service to the folks back home. Are they out of their minds?! Oh, I guess that's a stupid question.


hear hear.

but i don't think you would call any dude an "idiot man." so for the sake of conciseness and your over-sensitive feminist readers, perhaps it would be better not to gratuitously throw "woman" into an insult?

no offense i hope, because jeez i don't want your verbal wrath turned my way.


Well, I'm a guy. Having squandered a youth playing sports, drinking beer, and hanging out with guys, having gone to an all boy Prep school, having lived in male dorms in college, having whooped wild, drunken war cries in bloody male bonding--well, you know.

I always figured "idiot man" was redundant. Most men do. We're not only idiots, we not only don't deny we're idiots, we revel in it.

I mean, it's a point of pride.

But women? Most people think women are fairly sensible. It seems relevent to make a big deal out of it when they aren't.


I agree, she's about as smart as a bucket of slop; however, if you check, you will see she was quoting some marine from home when she said "coward". That makes her double dumb.

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