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November 26, 2005



Welcome back Uncle Bob. That was a beautiful tribute and I'm sure your sister has tears in her eyes just reading it and thinking of all the hours of listening to Uncle Bob rap.


That's beautiful. I just saw my own little brother today - the one who tortures me and makes me laugh so hard that soda comes out my nose. So I can tell you that was beautiful from experience.


She's beautiful! A young Merle Streep -- has she heard that before? And boy is she lucky to have you as a brother. Heh heh.


Awww... that was sooo sweet! *weepy* Why do my brothers have to be such jerks!? Your sister is a lucky broad. :)


O my lordie, Ricky Bob! You do lay it on thick. How great is that.


no disrespect to your sister, or her son or this beautiful tribute you wrote for her, but I always thought BOB stood for battery operated boyfriend.


Cookie, please! Don't sully Uncle Bob. This ain't Kansas, you know. Around here, Uncle Bob is just good, clean fun.


Good clean fun is exactly what BOB should be -- completely disease-free and much less messy than the real thing.

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