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October 11, 2005



The Rick-man hits the bulls-eye again. All those money folks knew to intvest in "war stocks" and they made a killing by the killing. The gallows to them all.


"They've known it all along.  And they've made a fortune out of this looting of our national treasury at our expense." No, they are unforgivable.

As for the rubes, the marks, there's seemingly no limit to American gullibility: What they did that's unforgivable was voting for torture.


The money guys are what they are. Again, everyone knows this. Or should know it.

Blaming the money guys for making money off a catastrophe is like blaming a snake for biting you.

Yeah, they can be a bunch of louts. That's why we have the SEC, and the EPA, and the white collar crime division at the FBI. That's why we have all these rules and regulations, and governmental agencies and Congressional oversight of all of this.

Because these guys can't be trusted to do what's right.

The true assholes are the tens of millions of "value voting" imbeciles who, idiotically, keep casting their votes to tear down sixty years of governmental regulation set up just to keep the snakes in their little glass cases.

Again, the money guys, at least they get something out of it. The fucking "heartland" rubes? Jesus, they keep voting to get screwed.

The money guys know the truth. But it isn't in their interest. The rubes refuse to believe the truth even when it's jabbing a pointy stick in their eye, even when it's in their interest.

To me, the rubes are far more dangerous. A senseless, easily manipulated mob.


You must remember that there are two classes of monied Republicans.

There are the industrialists, who are all in favor of anything that makes their business more profitable. They want sound currency and a well educated and skilled labor pool. While they want to pay their own workers little, they realize that somebody somewhere needs to have money to buy their product. Their fate is tied intimately to the country's fate.

There are also the old-money Republicans. They are free to move their wealth where ever they want. They do not need a strong economy to prosper. On the contrary, their liquidity allows them to prosper at the expense of their industrialist brothers. They thrive on plight. Class mobility is repugnant to them. Their goal is to move the bulk of the people of the country into peonage. These are George Bush's people. He has served them very well. He has killed the estate tax. He is destroying the economy. He is rapidly eliminating the federal government's ability to alleviate hardship by spending it into record debt. This will leave those with liquid, internationally-diversified, inflation-hedged investments in a powerful position.

Think about where he comes from. His grandfather was the last generation of Bush's to even be a wealthy industrialist. George W. is a second generation silver spooner.

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