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October 14, 2005



He doesn't look like the Jaguar type. He looks like the oversized caddy or lincoln type. (With a driver.)


No, he doesn't look like the Jaguar type. He looks more like the Family Thruster type.


On TPM, it was noted that Rove drove the Jag one day, but the next day, the day he was to appear in front of the GJ for the 4th time, he drove a Toyota. Window-dressing to make himself look more like the common man?


He looks like the pushing a shopping cart under the bridge on 10th st. type to me.



You have to from Pittsburgh. I'll be out there next week.

Anyhow, this is my first time here and I like your blog. I'll be back.

Just looking at Rove's face makes me physically ill.


Grand Jury testimony of Karl Rove leaked by Rove-ing reporter (humor). Please keep my identity a secret. Double super Secret. I could call in and have my voice disguised and/or my face blocked out. Please send me an email if you plan to use this. Thanks.

Middle-aged, Middle-of-the-road, Mid-Westerner

Testimony of Karl Rove, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff (of the United States) [COSTUS]. How much will COSTUS cost us?

It is posted at: Karl Rove Says Who Leaked First

Do a Google Blog Search using the words "Karl Rove", and this blog is number 2:

Duplex Dude

Trackback from Haloscan to Typepad is not working, so I'll post this comment to let you know I linked to this post from my blog.


I think the Jag is leaking brake fluid or some other slimy stuff.


I used to think the Jag was my dream car--but not if Rove drives one. Ugh--the whole ambience of them is sullied.


I pray it isn't an XK8 or XKR. I wouldn't want to see the image of such a beautiful car completely destoyed. Just the thought of him in any Jaguar is too horrible to bear.

Wish the reporter hadn't mentioned it.


I have to say that Rove in a Jag makes perfect sense to me. Other than secret agents, surely the only people to drive them are men with very small penises and frighteningly fragile egos.



Mary - It's not thr Jag that's leaking the slimy stuff...that's pure Rove-juice sluicing out aound the doors.

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I wonder what happen to him after that. He's a great guy.

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