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September 20, 2005



They are complete and evil pigs, that Bu$hCo crime family. How I hate them all, let me count the ways. Have to shake it off, sometimes, because all this intense hatred can be debilitating/paralizing. Last week I could not even blog as there was so much pain, rage, and intense sadness I could not even find the words. Just sat with clenched teeth and fists. Not good for the health, but then, neither is Bu$hCo.


If you are looking for someone qualified to handle something like FEMA, a sane person wouldn't look to an equestrian organization. But, if you want to know something about propaganda, well, since Hitler is dead you go to the next best thing - the White House. Propaganda is about the only thing they actually do have some aptitude for. Of course, any potential benefit from that is negated by their compulsive lying.

What do you expect? To be treated like a rational, intelligent human being by those who wield power in history's grandest experiment in democracy?

Funny how we used to think we were better off than the fucking Albanians... not to mention the nonfucking Albanians.

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