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September 26, 2005



I like him more than I ever would have thought possible. But the spin on this must be fierce, because it has never come out in the mainstream media.


Screw your football and feel-good story! The Padres won the division!!


Anna! Welcome back! You have been missed.

But you might want to read that one again.

Pat Tillman gave up his NFL career and millions of dollars to enlist in the Army Rangers to go kill bin Laden.

And he was killed in Afghanistan. By friendly fire. And the military covered up the details of his death. And Bush and right wing nuts, like Coulter, and Malkin, and Noonan all used and politicized his death and claimed Pat Tillman as one of their own--a tragic symbol of everything that's great and virtuous about conservatives and everything that's wrong about liberals.

And after they used him and dishonored him by lying about him, we find out Pat Tillman thought Iraq was an illegal war and that he opposed Bush and tried to convince his fellow soldiers to vote for Kerry.

Even worse, and more disgusting, is that those same right wing nuts who wept bitter tears over Tillman's death would certainly hate his guts upon finding out he wasn't a Republican.

I'm sure Michelle Malkin would like to know whether Tillman, like Kerry, actually shot himself.


I MUST have been missed if my sarcasm is (as usual) that misunderstood. We'll work on it.

But seriously, screw your football.


Ohhhhhh...sorry. Thought you might just have looked at the picture and read the last line, and skipped all the blah, blah, blah stuff in the middle.

That's what I usually do, when reading blogs after midnight.


It wasn't after midnight.

I live in a magical "time zone" where I'm able to travel into the future..but only to leave comments in other people's blogs. I guess with a power that amazing, They've got to limit it somehow. It's rather frustrating at times.


"He died bringing freedom and democracy to 28 million Afghans"

Millions of laugh.
"Freedom and democracy"... in Afghanistan ?
Obviously some people don't know what's going on outside their country.
And that's sad.
But keep on dreaming and believe everything you watch on tv.

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