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August 23, 2005



Correct. The one with the most votes wins. Even if there are more votes recorded for a county than the number of people that actually showed up to vote.

Neil Shakespeare

LOL! 36% still approve of Bush?! How could it possibly still be that high? Well, at least the Moron Class is shrinking. Very happy to hear your "scoop" on Hackett running for the Senate. Saw him on Bill Maher a few nights ago and that dude has charisma. Even had Maher tongue-tied a couple of times! "Give Em Hell Hackett!"


Though I'm not sure calling the president of the united states "that S.O.B that lives in he while house" is a real good political move for a future U.S. Senator. I certainly give him points for moxie.


From now on I think we should ALL refer the monkey to that SOB that lives in the White House.


Calling the War Profiteer in Chief an SOB is a tad polite, don't you think? Hackett doesn't go too far enough with that statement. Can't he be a little less moderate?


I saw Hackett debate that horrid ditto monkey during his run for the House. And he made her look like an empty chair with a bunch of talking points posted to it.

Yeah, calling the President an "S.O.B." might be a little over the top for a Congressman.

But I seriously doubt too many chickenhawks would have the onions to get in his face about it.

And Hackett is the first one to say he's profane and he doesn't care. He tells it like it is.

Out of someone else's mouth, it might sound like horseshit.

But he's really impressive. He's bright, he's articulate, and if he ran for President tomorrow, he'd have my vote.

He's no politician. He was a little shakey on some stuff about tax policy and things like that. But he's no dumby. He can brush up on that stuff.

Someone should hook him up with Wes Clarke.

Can you imagine those two running against the usual powderpuff Republican lineup?

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