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August 25, 2005



And, how do we take away all the trips to lush islands the Dr's got when they doled out medication they KNEW was dangerous. When do we stop the death pushers?


A stitched-up rotator cuff prevents me from making a long reply, so here goes: Right On!

I may use it in my math class in a lesson on impossibly huge numbers. When I get back to work again. Ouch- how 'bout a couple more day, boss?


Shouldnt be suprised when they dont want to pay for deaths that accure when all the money is going to the lobbists and spending it all on the GOP partys and getting perks back when needed ,,,,,,,,,,
I say if your gonna sell drugs that kill people then you have to pay the price ,,
Heck is a 99 percent mark up for a 2 cent pill so they make out just fine ,, 50 million is a drop in the bucket compared to the lives they that you cant ever put a price on

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