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February 10, 2005



Hey, brah, ain' no big t'ing! Just another of those, "Mistakes were made," things. You know, just an "Oops...sorry about that" moment. Heck, they would have told us about this before the election, but, well, it's just so trivial! And people just maybe-might have taken it the wrong way, and voted the whole lazy, profits-before-people, venal, slimey, hypocritical, circle-jerking frauds out of office!

And that just wouldn't be right. It's like, blaming Pharoh for bloody water, mega-acne, frogs everywhere, gnats, and flies, and locusts, darkness, sandstorms, and the deaths of innocents. That's rignt! Pharoh didn't do it. G*d did. Like the WTC and Pentagon. Would it be fair to hold the Administration responsible when G*d did it? Of course not! G*d did it so his trusted Sword could visit his wrath on the Infidel.

And you have to have perspective! Only twice as many people died at the WTC as have died avenging the attack, or saving us from WMD, or enfreeing Iraq, or whatever the hell we are doing there this week, but you get my point, right?

And at no time did we have to affect airline profits by disrupting airline schedules, inconveniencing travelers (well, a few hundred travelers, eventually, and killed 'em rather than inconvenienced 'em, but not that many) by instigating stringent restictions on, say, box cutters and searching for them for no better reason than that they fucking knew for a fact that the plan was to hijack domestic flights and use them as suicide bombs!

If this had happened on Clintons watch, he would have been impeached and tried for treason.

treason, n:
1. Violation of allegiance toward one's country or sovereign, especially the betrayal of one's country by waging war against it or by consciously and purposely acting to aid its enemies.
2. A betrayal of trust or confidence.

Of all the foul revelations that have come out about this administration, this has got to be the most awful. Now, let's see how the sheeple react.

you know K. its not the Bush administration that I get pissed with.. but the other 50%+ who don't give a rat's ass that they are getting shafted and ass pillaged by the bushies -- call it blind faith, or born again christians -- wake up and smell the "roses." oh well - K. you need to start asking the question what should we do? cuz just getting piised off at these lame brains doesn't really help. Do we need to beat some sense into these hillbillies..?

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