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October 25, 2004



Sweet...harsh, but sweet! Laughing through the tears, crying through the laughter. If only it were a joke. What happened to the good old days, when you could end a story, "Then he woke had all been a bad dream!" and you'd get at least a B?


Whatever happened to the days when a son would do the exact opposite of his father? You know, if your father was the Czar, you might decide to be a poet. If your father was a doctor, you might decide to be a soldier.

Paterno was a great coach, and a silly Republican booster. His one idiotic son is wrecking Penn State football, his other idiotic son is running for Congress on the Jabba the Hutt ticket.

And we all know what Bush's idiotic sons have done.

Not a poet among them.


Actually, though you have to "cherry pick" his improvisational performances, the Yellow Rose is something of a poet. Of course, you have to like absurdism to take him seriously, and more and more, you need a love of the cut-up writings of Burroughs.

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