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September 08, 2004



They made their own bed when they attacked Kerry on his service record in Vietnam. Now they have to sleep in it.


But didn't Kerry attack Bush's national guard record before the swiftvet ads even aired? He didn't even use 527 surrogates, he attacked right from his own official campaign. Check out this press release dated APRIL:


sorry URL got truncated. Here:


wtf dude. ANyway add .html to the end there.


Actually, Susan, as Kerry notes in the release, the attacks on his service record were made by surrogates. The Swiftboat Liars are not the first that the Bush camp has used in this way, and go back to mid-2003 at least. That Kerry takes personal responsibility for questioning Bush's "service" record is to his credit. Do you really feel that using surrogates is more admirable?!

And I credit him with being civil and raising questions backed by irrefutable fact, in stark contrast to the nature of the attacks from the Bushies. After all, Kerry has been hit with this crap since at least 1996 when the Boston Globe’s David Warsh suggested (in a piece that appeared a day before the gubernatorial election in which Kerry was running)that Kerry had committed a war crime in Vietnam, in the action for which he was awarded the Silver Star.


I know they are assigned their own planes, but was bush only ALLOWED to fly ONE plane? And that plane was only allowed to fly in Texas? We have certain trucks in our business like that. Risky drivers have to stick to driving one truck and that's it.

I think he was so bad he was assigned those non-flight duties in a totally new state. (With Daddy's help) Maybe his plane WAS grounded, but they were able to salvage it after his irresponsible usage. They wouldn't give it back to him because he'd completely destroy it.

I guess any other person in the military can use bush as an example when they are "ordered" to do something and they don't, huh?


That's right, Ellen. Heck, any guardsman in Iraq can go home any time they want. Just get killed or maimed for life (which is pretty darn easy!), and you're on the next flight home. Get to lay around for the rest of your enlistment! :)


I do not believe this


Um, douchebag? The Bush administration admitted this.

Also, you're commenting on a four year old post from a blog that is no longer active.

Please stay off the internet until you have mastered remedial English skills. Thank you.

Joan of Snark

Permanently no longer active?

(Where did you go? Why did you leave? Your fans miss you!)

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