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March 15, 2004



Scott Paterno is everything that you have said he is - and more! I was a student at Dickinson Law when Scott was there. He is probably one of the saddest people that I have ever met. He's mean-spirited, egomaniacal, and is also (contrastingly) extremely insecure. He would whine about how his parents gave all their money away to Penn State - leaving none for him and his siblings. His wife denied that she was even dating him until she got her engagement ring - then proceeded to tell people that she didn't know what she was doing (true love, huh) Someone should ask Scott about his 2nd year Appellate Brief that he handed in late. He got credit for it because of his father and an associate dean who bought into the whole scene, when in fact he should have failed the class - ultimately his shenanigans caused the whole program to be re-worked and one of the law school professors to quit the program entirely (different professors acted as judges). Paterno's biggest claim to fame at law school was his Red Spider Bar. It was located in the apartment he rented in Carlisle, and Paterno derived great pleasure in all the people that would come over for parties. Let's face it, law students will go ANYWHERE for free booze. Paterno felt real popular though.

We get what we deserve if we vote this scary individual into office.



Thanks for sharing. I was long gone from PSU, when nutty Scott was there. Though, I was there when Jay was there, and didn't think too highly of him, the few times I met him.

But, first and foremost, I don't think any of the scumbags, be they college students or United States Congressmen or prominent members of the "liberal" media, should be able to walk away from the travesty which was the "Clinton Scandals", with a shrug of their shoulders and a lame, "Hey, that's all in the past."

No, fuckers. The Gerths and Isokoffs, and the Lisa Myers, and the Ken Starrs, and the entire Republican House of Representatives should be forced to live with their words and their actions for as long as these assholes are around.

They said it. They did it. They should have to live it and live with it.

Don't let these pricks off the hook.

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